To use this module, you first need to install some Python modules that are listed in the requirements.txt file:

# Needing six for python 2.7/3 compatibility

# Nothing special except:

# Same version as the one used by Alignak

Note: if you proceed to an end-user installation with pip, the required modules are automatically installed.

Installation with PIP

Note that the recommended way for installing on a production server is mostly often to use the packages existing for your distribution. Nevertheless, the pip installation provides a startup script using an uwsgi server and, for FreeBSD users, rc.d scripts.

End user installation

You can install with pip:

sudo pip install alignak-module-ws

The required Python modules are automatically installed if not they are not yet present on your system.

From source

You can install it from source:

git clone
cd alignak-module-ws
pip install .