On installation, this module ships its own configuration file in the /usr/local/etc/alignak directory. The default configuration file is alignak.module-ws.ini. This file is commented to help configure all the parameters.

To configure an Alignak daemon (receiver is the recommended one) to use this module:

  • edit your Alignak configuration file (eg. alignak.ini)
  • declare the module alias (defaults to web-services) in the modules parameter of the daemon
  • add the example module configuration file content into the Alignak configuration file.

Note that currently the SSL part of this module has not yet been tested!

Alignak backend

The Alignak backend configuration part requires to set the Alignak backend endpoint and some login information. The login information are not mandatory because the module will use the credentials provided by the Web Service client when one will request on an endpoint with some credentials.

Alignak arbiter

The Alignak arbiter configuration part is not mandatory. It will only be used by the module to get the Alignak daemons states to populate the /alignak_map endpoint. Thus, you should only configure this part if you intend to use this endpoint to get some information.

The default mod-ws.cfg file:

The default alignak.module-ws.ini file: